Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Directories are very good to have when dealing with SEO and getting better Page Rank for your site.

I have heard people say that getting links from link directories was a lost cause. This is however VERY false. Many search engines including google's indexes your site based almost directly on how many links to your website are on other people's website. This is a sure fire way to determine almost exactly how popular your site is.

One of the best ways to get a link out on many sites, and is considered good practice, is to register with link directories. Link directories are usually free sites, that might require you to link to them or may even require a cash payment before they link you.

The point is you are going to want to get on as many link directories as possible. Sure paying for links on websites does not sound appealing...however, if the site is offering a lifetime link, then it might be very worth it, because tons of other people wouldn't list there site because of the price value. This doesnt necessarily mean that you should look for all link directories with a price. Time is money, and getting linked on Free Directories, is just as good as paying for a link on a paid link directory.

Here are some example link directories:

Pro Link Directory

High Traffic Links